Welcome to FACEfet!

Based in Toronto, Canada, we produce / sell HD fetish videos / clips that feature female faces squished, pinched, stretched, strained and distorted by male hands. Plus a few other activities, like limp play, breath play and belly punching. Sometimes topless. Available on FACEfet’s Clips4Sale Studio.


Activities depicted

Clips4Sale.com is the premiere venue to sell amateur fetish clips, from cosplay, tickling, feet, etc., to more extreme BDSM. But it also hosts porn. FACEfet is NOT interested in that, and our clips are NOT intended to be that.

FACEfet’s pledge for every shoot, before, during and onward: Safe. Honest. Professional. Respectful. Accountable. All models who appear in our videos / clips are over the age of 20 years at the time they are recorded. And all activities are consensually agreed to, carefully conducted and performed.

  • Face squishing, stretched, strained, distorted
  • Nose pinches, holds, bends, pig nose
  • Hand over mouth (HOM), hand smother
  • Mouth wide open, tongue stuck out
  • Thumb or fingers in mouth, gagging
  • Eyes held open, rolled back
  • Breath play, neck play, strangle play
  • Held, pulled, strained by hair
  • Limp play, dangling, arm-twists
  • Face slapping (with momentum of limpness)
  • Belly punching (standing, sitting)
  • Performed reactions to all
  • Sometimes topless