China Pink, topless, 6 to 9


Clip 6 (9:00) – China Pink – Topless. Standing. Close up POV. Various nasty nose holds, bends, twists, whimpers, suffering. Final portion repeats in slow motion.

Clip 7 (10:17) – China Pink – Topless belly punching (standing). Hands behind back. Held by hair. Chest presses. Hands pinned over head against wall. Hand over mouth. Held tight around neck. Nose pinches and holds. Continuous, vocal suffering. Several portions repeat, and in slow motion.

Clip 8 (9:13) – China Pink – Topless cunt busting and belly punching (standing and sitting). Hands behind back. Held by neck. Hand over mouth. Held by hair. Constrained tight around neck. Chest presses. Cunt punches. Nose pinches and holds. Suffering. Various portions repeat in slow motion.

Clip 9 (9:35) – China Pink – Topless limp play (sitting). Constrained tight around neck. Hands behind back. Arms held folded behind head. Held by hair. Hand over mouth. Hand smothers. Chest presses. Face slaps. Nose pinches, holds, wiggles, pig nose. Whimpers. Suffering.