Like to model for

If you’re based in or near the Greater Toronto Area, or plan to visit, we’d love to hear from you! Here’s some info …


2 choices of shoot (video)

1.  Shoulders up (3 hrs, $200)

Seated. No make up. Dressed, but no clothing in frame. Male videographer’s hands squish, pinch, stretch, distort your facial features. Basic to more extreme. Static poses to hands in motion over your face. Your head dangled at times by your hair. Careful breath and neck play. Roll / flutter eyes back. Whimper. Gasp. Pretend it’s no fun.

2.  No top, leggings (4 hrs, $300)

Same as 1, but waist up with additional activities and (ideally) no top for 2nd half of shoot.

  • Limp, dangled around by hair / arms
  • Careful belly punching (1/4 speed)
  • Careful neck play with stretchy sock

In some cases a minimal top item — bikini, bra, tube — could be worn. And as FACEfet evolves, and dependent upon a potential participant’s level of comfort / openness, elements of cosplay and other fetishes might be proposed for consideration.


What happens with it all?

Portions will be edited into several parts anywhere from 6 to 30 minutes long and posted for sale in FACEfet’s Clips4Sale Studio. is a premiere venue to sell amateur fetish videos, from superheroine cosplay, tickling, foot fetish, etc., to more extreme BDSM. But it also hosts porn. FACEfet is NOT interested in that, and our clips are NOT intended to be that.


Anonymity, and our pledge

You would use an alias of your choice, and the use of only that alias would be stipulated in our model release form. FACEfet’s pledge for every shoot, before, during and onward: Safe. Honest. Professional. Respectful. Accountable. All activities are discussed in advance, consensually agreed to, and carefully conducted and performed.


I’d like to apply!

Forward a link (ModelMayhem, Instagram, Facebook, personal website, other) or a headshot along with your age to If selected, and if you agree to participate, valid ID must be provided that affirms you are at least 20 years old. And our model release form must be completed before a shoot commences.